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PhD Topics 2020

Apply for a funded GTA position, starting in September 2020, πŸ‘‰hereπŸ‘ˆ.

Deadline: 6 February 2020.

Currently proposed topics are:

  • Automated Management of Domain-Driven Design in Microservice Architectures
  • Incremental Syncing Policies in Data-driven Cloud Software Applications
  • Helping Patients with Chronic Conditions using AI

If you are interested in doing a PhD in the intersection between model-driven engineering and AI/microservices/cloud technology, contact me.

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YAMTL: Yet Another Model Transformation Language

YAMTL is a model transformation language that provides a fresh approach to model transformation by favouring interoperability, reuse, expressivity and efficiency.

Some of its advantages are:

πŸ‘ as expressive as state-of-the-art model transformation languages, such as ATL
πŸ‘ powerful model pattern matching
πŸ‘ reuse via inheritance and module composition
πŸ‘ compiled to Java: one of the fastest transformation engines
πŸ‘ full interoperability from/to Java
πŸ‘ incremental execution
πŸ‘ Xtend tool ecosystem: templates, IDE, debugger

Check the slides used at MODELS’18:

Expressive and Efficient Model Transformation with an Internal DSL of Xtend from Artur Boronat